Complesso museale di San Domenico

The museums Saint Domenico are located in a restored building complex where long time ago there was a Domenican monastery dated back to the 13th century.

Every year this museum organizes important art exhibitions:

Liberty, a style for the modern Italy

The Foundation Cassa dei Risparmi Forlì in co-operation with the Town Council of Forlì proposes an exhibition about Liberty,a style developed between the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries especially in France, Great Britain and Italy.This movement aspires to reach an artistic common language to represent the progress and modernity of the country.

This exhibition intends to identify for the first time, the peculiaties of this style by means of a series of masterpieces of painting and sculpture of artists such as Segantini, Previsti, Boldini, De Carolis, Segantini, Baccarini and many others even if these artists have different languages and formation.

There are different sections dedicated to the myth, to the allegory, to the landscape with all the symbolist tensions.

There are artists such as Klinger, Klint, Khnopff and also ceramic by Chini, Baccarini, posters by Dudovich, Boccioni, furniture by Zen, Fontana, dresses belonged to Eleonora Duse, tapestries by Zecchin. Liberty is a style of life and its uncontested protagonist is the woman, both weak and sensual.

The exhibition shows Liberty in all its aspects from painting and sculpture to furniture, clothes, cerasmics, tapestries, architecture, houses you can see here in Forlì.

City centre

The central square is piazza Saffi with its old church San Mercuriale interesting for its paintings. There is also the palace of Ordelaffi, an old family who ruled Forlì since the 13th century, now Town hall.

You can have a walk as far as Rocca di Ravaldino, a defensive building complex with medieval walls where Caterina Sforza, who ruled Forlì and Imola during the 15th century barricaded herself to defend the city against Cesare Borgia.

There are also a lot of parks in Forlì. The largest one is called Parco urbano “Franco Agosto”, it spreads over an area of 26 hectares with a lake for geese and ducks, there are also a lot of rabbits.

Inside the park there are playgrounds for children, basket-ball courts, a bar, a pub and a restaurant.

Faenza is a town 15 km far from Forlì where you can visit the famous international Museum of Ceramics that has the largest collection of ceramics in the world coming from the five continents and from every Italian region.

It takes only 8 minutes to go to Faenza by train from Forlì.



11 September 2010 – 09 January 2011

Forlì, Musei San Domenico

Piazza Guido da Montefeltro 12

The exhibition shows 400 archeological finds date back to 2000 B. C. discovered by the Egyptologist Ernesto Schiapparelli (1856 – 1928) manager of the Museo Egizio in Torino and of the Italian Archeological Mission, undertaken in excavation campaigns in the Nile valley at the beginning of the twentieth century. The archeological finds come from the necropolis of Assiut and Gebelein, till now, kept in the storehouses of the Museo Egizio in Torino.

The exhibition is divided in three main sections:

  1. The italian mission in Egypt

  2. The funeral equipment

  3. The language of the ancient Egypt and the hieroglyphics

In evidence the group of twelve stuccoed and painted wooden case sarcophagus. Some of them still contain the mummy and are enriched with all the items of the funeral equipment that came with the dead person. Thank to these items it will be possible to try to reconstruct the history of the protagonists and their family.

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